Lagoa do Vento is a peculiar trail, perhaps indicated more for those with a more adventurous spirit with the intention of exploring the Island of Madeira at its maximum!

Starting at Levada do Alecrim (Rabaçal) follow Levada until you find the detour to the path to Lagoa do Vento.  Take your left on the path and begin the descent. From this point the route changes, making itself within the nature. The floor is not regular and in some parts may be slippery, so some care is advised.

With several belvederes along the route enjoy to dazzle with the unique views. Always descending until you reach Lagoa do Vento, let yourself be carried away by the beauty and size of this Lagoon, where a mixture of colors and a feeling of tranquility make this place unique! At this point you will be at the top of the Risco waterfall.

Leaving behind Lagoa, on the way back to Casa do Rabaçal. It is advisable to rest a little in this place before ascending another trail, with destination until the end of this route, in Rabaçal.

by @beardmotion

Video by: Bear Motion

Text source: Estalagem do vale