PassionFruit / Maracujá

  The passionfruit is one of the most popular fruits of Madeira, both for its exceptional flavour and for the various uses that it has.The passionfruit is the fruit from the passionfruit tree – a woody, perennial, fast growing, vigorous, continuous and luxuriant growing vine of the Passifloraceae family.It is estimated that there are more […]

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Apple / Maçã

The apple of Madeira, commonly designated in Portuguese as “pêro”, is grown in various parts of Madeira. In Madeira islands there are several varieties of this fruit .There are areas in Madeira with great potential for apple cultivation. There is a wide range of apple varieties introduced in the region, however the main regional varieties […]

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Cherry / Cereja

The cherry of Madeira, fruit of the cherry tree, is different both in flavour and in size from the cherry produced in mainland Portugal.In Madeira, cherry cultivation is located in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos. Regional cherries are of medium to small size, and have a reddish colour.The fruiting season is during the months […]

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Sugar Cane / Cana-de-açucar

Sugar cane is one of the agricultural species with the greatest relevance in the History of Madeira, which originated the ‘White Gold Age’.Sugar cane is a species that belongs to the Gramineae family, the Saccharum genus, officinarum species.The cultivation of sugar cane in Madeira dates back to the 15th century when the island became a major supplier […]

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Sweet Potato / Batata Doce

The cultivation of sweet potato, which is intended for consumption, is very common in Madeira. Its role in local food is increasingly notable.The sweet potato (Ipomoea l. potatoes) is a tuber of great importance in Madeira’s horticultural production, and is exported to several European countries.This tuber has an orange white pulp, with a fine skin that […]

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